RAWR-OFF – ultimate party game is now out for Nintendo Switch.

Get the party started with the super-duper RAWR-OFF experience!
No Gravity Games has a great pleasure to announce that RAWR-OFF is now available for Nintendo Switch. RAWR-OFF is a casual party game perfect for playing in handheld mode, TV mode and on Nintendo Switch Lite. 

RAWR-OFF – Launch trailer


Players can purchase the game for only 2,99 EUR/USD in Europe and America regions. For every owner of at least one of the following games, we have prepared 50% owner discount:
– Exorder
– Dream Alone
– Pirates: All Aboard!

NOE: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Rawr-Off-1662982.html
NOA: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/rawr-off-switch/

RAWR-OFF – Handheld mode gameplay


RAWR-OFF is an awesome casual, party game that will take over every social gathering. 

  • Play with your friends and family battling them with your wits and muscles. 
  • Establish dominance with the handheld mode – perfect for Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • Swing and sway up to four joy-con in TV mode.
  • Feel the power of vibration with the HD Rumble feature.
  • Practice your skills playing against AI in the solo mode.

RAWR-OFF is a battle game in which you need to destroy your opponent by shooting waves of power. Demonstrate your dexterity and reflex collecting ammo and power-ups. 

Pick your favorite character, each armed with their own unique ability. With diverse and unusual personas like: Sushi-senpai, Cosmic Dog Unicorn, Spaghetti Monster, Baby Cthulhu, Schrodinger’s Cat, Zombie Laika, Paynstation and more!

Sabotage your rivals by taking their ammo or immobilize them with the freezing power. Don’t be afraid of covering the screen with your hand or escaping with a console – rules are made to be broken!

RAWR-OFF – fun has never been better!