1. I didn’t receive an email with my code for Pirates: All Aboard! What should I do?

    • Please wait a couple of hours, or at least 3. Mail servers might be jammed, solar panels covered in snow, You name it. Keep cool and wait.
    • Check spam folders – we automated the process, so this email might end up in a spam/offers folder.
    • Write to us directly, but after checking out previous points. Write to: with the screenshot confirming the subscription – we’ll try to do our best to assist you.


  2. I cannot get Creepy Tale (or any other game) for free to my library, why?
  • You are not using an American Nintendo Switch Account (Region matters in this giveaway – It’s for US only)


  • You don’t have any No Gravity Games Title added to your portfolio, that’s why Owner Discount is not showing.

    Sidenote: For those who want to claim other games – Remember, that games are available for free only on selected days (for example – Star Horizon will be available for 24h for free on December, 2nd, 2021 and you need to have the previous game, so Creepy Tale added to your library to be eligible for this owner discount.


  • You didn’t add the Pirates: All Aboard code to this account, hence – no owner discount .

    For those who missed the game in a free giveaway but want to have other games for free – you can buy the previous games on a sale that starts after the initial 100% 24h discount to complete the collection and rejoin the chain!

    3. I changed my region to US  from another region with my No Gravity Games titles already in the library, but I can’t redeem the game because there is no discount – why? 

    Unfortunately, we are unable to help you with this matter as this is not a particular problem with our event, rather than how the whole platform infrastructure works in terms of products etc. The case is that since you have the EU code attached for the game, even if you change regions it’ll not work (because you don’t have the US version of the game, just the EU one, and the system don’t want you to mistakenly buy another copy if you have one already attached to your account, no matter the region ), and since you already had it – you are not able to purchase it once more.

    That’s why the next games in the lineup are not discounted for you – The system doesn’t recognize  EU games on switched regions as a valid product for the Owner Discount, hence you are unable to get it.

    We didn’t know that this works this way, and we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by that.

    Please note that the promotion is only for the U.S. region, and any attempts to “circumvent” the system to get the games for free, such as changing the region or connecting multiple accounts to the console, make the promotion inapplicable to them.