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4 playable characters. Control one of the four mercenaries of the Golden Force.
Lots of various enemies. Defeat the Demon King, his 5 Generals and his army of Monsters.
Enough content to keep you engaged for hours. Complete all 22 Stages accross the four islands of Muscle Archipelago
2-players co-op mode. Willing to share your adventure with someone? Invite a friend!
Unique platforming, hacking, and slashing. Perform complex combos, slides, crushes and dash attacks. Avoid spiky obstacles, swim and attack underwater.
Completionist. Overcome 100% of challenges.
Just the right vibe. Enjoy colorful retro-style pixel art graphics.
Cute kittens. (=^.^=)
Golden Force is a retro-style run ‘n gun platformer set on undiscovered fantasy islands of Muscle Archipelago and deep waters full of deadly creatures. Chop the tentacles of a Kraken-like monster, perform complex combos, slides, and dash attacks.
Defeat mini-bosses and peel the skin off up to the skull of giant and powerful main enemies. Join the intense action to discover many different areas to unlock, with funky names like Nacho Island ruled by a Salsa General. Complete all stages with the best time, combo count, and all of the coins in your pocket. Grab collectibles and throwable items that will aid you in battle. Swim and attack underwater (beware of bloodthirsty fish!), dash over spiky obstacles, and try not to harm any kittens in the process (well, you can and there’s no penalty, but it’s definitely heartbreaking). Finally, overcome the Demon King!